A Tour of Villa di Piazzano

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A Tour of Villa di Piazzano

Luxury in the Countryside

This splendid villa, originally commissioned as the hunting manor for Cardinal Silvio Passerini, shares a deep historical connection with the illustrious Medici family. Ideally situated in close proximity to the captivating town of Cortona, within the embrace of a protected natural reserve, it has witnessed centuries of rich history. From its vantage point, Villa di Piazzano commands awe-inspiring vistas over a landscape of extraordinary beauty, painting a serene and unforgettable tableau of the countryside.

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The History of Villa di Piazzano

A Renaissance Legacy from Cardinal Silvio Passerini

In the heart of the splendid countryside between Tuscany and Umbria stands Villa di Piazzano, an architectural and historical gem that embodies the charm of the Italian Renaissance. Its history dates back to the 15th century when it was built at the behest of one of the most influential men of the time, Cardinal Silvio Passerini.

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