Hotel Villa di Piazzano
Hotel Villa di Piazzano Tuscany
Monastic Potager
Lynden trees
17th Century Entrance for the hunters
The Lynden trees in Autumn
Lageostremias in Autumn
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The garden surrounding the former residence is not only an oasis of calm and pacified.

This is an old park, which, because of its beauty and its importance is protected by the main environmental management.

There is silence, broken only by birdsong and the sounds of nature.

Intense aromas of limes, oaks, cypresses, but also beautiful wild roses, lavender, peony, gardenia and jasmine, brightens the days of the guests rest on the sun by the pool or enjoy the shade of trees.

Away from the chaos and the deafening sounds of the city, the body and mind are revitalized by the awakening of the senses, which are seemingly forgotten.