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Arezzo and Valdichiana | Cortona and Lake Trasimeno

Amongst the numerous walking trails marked by the CAI, there is one trail in particular which traces the stages of the third Punic war fought between the ancient Romans and Hannibal.

Arezzo and Valdichiana
-Arezzo - BACK TO TOP

explore the old town (circular)
Walk Details: level:EASY- 3 km exploratory walk in the main roads and narrow alleys of the town.

About the town: Arezzo :

Arezzo is in one of the wealthiest towns of Tuscany with its production of gold jewellery for shops all over Europe, its city center is Medieval and Renaissance. In the San Francesco church there is the famous Piero della Francesca’s fresco “The legend of the true cross” recently restored.

Event of the day :

  • The Legend of the True Cross by Piero della Francesca
    Castiglion Fiorentino environs and walk to Cortona (linear)

Highlights of the day:

  • Views of  Cortona and the Chiana valley.

Walk Details:

  • Level: MODERATE- approx 16 km (gravel rds & paths with some asphalt)
  • Walk along gravel roads and paths around the hills of Cortona with a final long descent to the towns gardens.

About the town: Cortona:

Founded by the Etruscans whose presence can still be seen in the foundations of the city walls and buildings, Cortona sits on a side of a hill facing the Chiana valley. During the Middle ages Cortona became one of the most powerful towns of the area. 
Special  Event of the day : - a nice pic-nic during the walk, a caffè inPiazza della Repubblica, the town’s living room.

Cortona – Lake Trasimeno (linear) - BACK TO TOP

Highlights of the day

  • Stunning views of the Chiana valley and lake Trasimeno, the walk will take you to  the site where the troops of Rome under Consul Flaminius where defeated by the Carthagineans under Hannibal  in the 217 b.C.

Walk Details:

  • level: MODERATE- approx 18 km (gravel rds & paths with some asphalt).

About the area:

  • Lake Trasimeno: Trasimeno is the largest lake in the Italian peninsula with a surface area of 128 km², slightly less than Lake Como. a tectonic lake, 3 million years ago, there was a shallow sea in this part of Umbria. Then a depression formed by geologic fractures, allowed the birth of Lake Trasimeno. 

Event of the day:

  • A good gelato admiring the view.

Gosparini – Castello di Pierle (Linear or Circular, read below)

Walk Details:

  • MODERATE – EASY approx 7 km (or 18 as a circular walk) on rolling terrain and through mule-tracks, right at the beginning of the walk there is a bar that may prep some sandwiches, there are no other groceries and facilities en route.

About the area:

From the Gosparini Pass located along the mounts that separate the Niccone Valley (Tiber’s tributary) from the Lake Trasimeno Basin we will walk following the Pre-Appeninnes ridge direction North along path and mule-tracks re-tracking an old Roman paved road maybe used by Hannibal the Carthaginean and his troops the eve of one of the most tremendous battles in the history of Rome; the Battle of Trasimene (217 b.C).

The walk offers stunning views of the three valleys ( Trasimeno, Alto Tevere, Val di Chiana), from the ridge it then descends to the Niccone Valley towards one of the most imposing Medieval Riuned Castle; The Castle of Pierle. As usual the walk will be an opportunity to discover the most interesting aspect of the local Flora and Fauna.

The walk can be done also as a circular route keeping the nearby village of Lisciano Niccone as start/end point, (distance: 18 km  duration 7hs), we anyway recommend to go for the linear route since there is a pretty steep climb to do in order to get to the ridge.

Val d'Orcia
-Montepulciano Walk (linear)

Highlights of the day:

  • Stunning views of the Chiana valley, the Vino Nobile wineyards of Montepulciano and the imposing cliff where the town lies.

Walk Details:

  • Level: EASY- approx 10 km a relaxing walk in the Montepulciano countryside passing through a Vino Nobile estate with an exploratory town’s walk in the main roads and narrow alleys of the town.

About the town:

Montepulciano: a medieval walled town built on a limestone ridge. Renaissance style Palazzi and Chuches. 
Special  Event of the day : - Visit of the town and Vino Nobile wine tasting

Montepulciano – Pienza (linear)

Highlights of the day:

Views of  towns and the classic tuscan countryside of rolling hills dotted by stone houses and  decorated by cypress.

Walk Details:

  • Level: EASY- approx 14 km (gravel rds & paths) relaxing walk along gravel roads and paths on the way to Orcia Valley passing through the medieval walled village of Monticchiello.

About the town:

  • Pienza: In 1459 Pope Pius II (also a humanist philosopher) decided to rebuild his hometown (Corsignano) employing the Rossellino (architect)  to build a model Renaissance town:“Pienza” (from Pius).

Special Event of the day:

  • Visit of the town, a walk in the scenic Via Panoramica and pecorino cheese tasting

Pienza – S.Quirico or Bagno Vignoni (linear)

Highlights of the day:

from Pienza, a scenic balcony overlooking the Orcia river valley start your itinerary crossing this “post card” landscape of  sensual  rolling hills and deep green / golden (depending on the season) wheat fields.

Walk details:

  • Level: EASY – approx 14 km (double tracks & gravel rds) rolling hills along the route you will pass through the village of S.Quirico d’Orcia, less attended by tourists but very very nice and quiet. Before getting to Bagno Vignoni  there is the small village of Vignoni Alto a very pictoresque medieval citadel

About the town:

Bagno Vignoni: a tiny village with renassaince thermal baths.

Special Event of the day:

  • A swim in the hot springs of Bagno Vignoni
  • Option A:  Hotel Pick-up and return, cue-sheets and maps, assistance with car/van*.
  • Option B: Hotel Pick-up and return, bilingual guide, cue-sheets and maps, assistance with car/van*.

  • Option C:  Hotel Pick-up and return, bilingual guide, cue-sheets and maps, pic-nic assistance with car/van*.
* only onto roads & tracks that are reachable with a vehicle.